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Jimmy and Leana Love

Icons Loves

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These are Icons that I have aquired somehow, I don't even remember. If you see any of yours here, or know who made some of them, and would like credit before I use them, or would like me to remove them from my computer altogether, comment here and tell me. I just don't want to use these without crediting to the proper makers. Thanks. <33.

Edit: All icons up..
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Jimmy and Leana Love

mm Ramen


oo1. half day!
oo2. hockey game

oo3. Me and Brandon's ONE YEAR.


My mom 'forgot' to set her alarm last night and I was up later than usual getting a head start on the scrapbook, so neither of us woke up for school. uggh. I slept til 11:30 before I woke up and realized I was in the wrong place. But I got up and ate breakfast and worked on the scrapbook. I worked on it from noon-thirty to, like, 6:30pm. But it was worth it. It's awesome. Maybe I'll take some pics and post it.

Everything was perfect with it except that I didn't have a stupid hole puncher. So I had to manually make the holes, i.e. a pen cap, and I effed up two holes. But I fixed it somehow, and it's better. I LOVE IT! I've never done anything like that before, so it was really fun putting all my energy and creativity into it. There's 8 pages, but two of them are front and back. I know 8 doesn't sound like alot, I thought about that when I first opened the Scrapbook kit, but they are HUGE pages of cardboard paper. So I actually had some trouble filling all of them. lol.

Anyways. Hockey Game tomorrow. can't wait. This will be my first one. Since I LOVE to play hockey, it'll be awesome for me to see. Anybody who asks me what hockey game I'm going to will be immensely[[spelling?]] disappointed that I have no clue. :]

Tomorrow is not really a half day. They call it an abbreviated day, because we only get out 2 hours early. But tomorrow there is also this gay thing called Kaplan testing. Juniors don't need to do it though, so I'll be pretty bored in Homeroom. :/

Anyways, tomorrow I'm staying the night at Brandons house because we have to go to the Hockey game, and then he's spending the weekend at my house.

Oh. yeah. Today is my little little brother's tenth bday. The actual party will be on Saturday though. So yea. Then Neil's bday is on Sunday. goodness.

Yay Beef Ramen for Lunch AND dinner! <33
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Jimmy and Leana Love


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